Interim management

Inno sales offer a solution to the short term management needs before long term commitment is required. This by-passes the sometimes lengthy preparations of management during the development process.

Close short-term management bottleneck

Small and medium-sized companies particularly are often confronted with changes, either internal or external that cannot be solved using existing resources. Considerable problems are faced by incidents such as the sudden loss of management capacity such as illness or personnel changes, design theft, technological innovations or changes in competitive situations. Inno can offer a short term solution to the bottle neck experienced in this type of situation.

Inno sales can close that gap quickly, accurately, creatively and reliably. The partnership with the client is limited in duration, made variable, with no long-term contractual commitment. Direction given by Inno sales can lead to the implementation of reorganization or the knowledge that the current path is correct. It is the client decision if you need a traditional leader (sales manager, product manager, country manager, member of the Board) or defined project responsibilities.

Through many years of cross-industry experience in various corporate structures, we can quickly integrate ourselves into the client’s situation. We consider the task of the interim manager as a decisive and results-oriented approach. We can ensure this with a confident, competent performance for the necessary security and stability within the sales organization. The association with Inno sales will also strengthen partnerships with customers and suppliers.