Analysis and advice

The top priority is to develop companies primarily
with focus on existing reserves and hidden potentials.

Consider, evaluate, advise, support

At the beginning of every project we work out with the client the scope of the project in the form of a phased plan. As part of the analysis we focus on the product portfolio, the markets and the actual situation within the company: knowledge of the corporate culture, organizational structure and decision making are important prerequisites in order to create acceptance and motivation for the implementation of change processes. We identify the sales targets and the desired optimal market position. The adoption of this positioning with the involvement of relevant decision-makers is a prerequisite for the further process of change. We advise on the formation of internal teams to implement defined building blocks, whether in sales, management, marketing, product development and administrative support. The top priority is to optimize existing reserves and hidden potential.

Inno sales, depending on the project definition and plan, assumes either the continued support of the sales organization, distribution, or the pilot to launch the product in new market or distribution channel and develop. Following successful experiences from the pilot phase, decisions on a targeted investment in your sales structure can be made.